Bill Gates
It seems that Microsoft insider Satya Nadella is the favorite to replace Steve Ballmer as the CEO.  Nadella’s broad set of experiences at Microsoft from Windows to the Cloud should position him to have a good understanding of the technological direction that the company needs to go in.  I also really respect that he has...
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In what I view as to not be a surprising development but a disappointing one for Microsoft shareholders, Ford (F) CEO Alan Mulally has announced that he won’t be taking the CEO position at Microsoft (MSFT).  Mulally could have come in with a fresh set of eyes and ideas to help Microsoft compete more effectively...
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This is a bit older video, but still relevant due to the monetary policy concerns, which still leads speculators towards gold.  Both Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are extremely insightful in this regard in that purchasers of gold are completely reliant on someone being willing to pay a greater price, because the asset is completely...
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