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Wal-Mart made the decision today to reduce Mike Duke with long-term Wal-Mart executive Doug McMillon.  This is a rather abrupt move considering Wal-Mart’s history of retaining CEO’s for long periods of time.  I still believe that Wal-Mart is the best positioned retailer to fight off Amazon.  It is my opinion, that the company should offer...
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Best Buy (BBY) founder Richard Schulze is attempting to find a management team to lead Best Buy for a potential going private transaction.  While the lack of clear strategy to compete with Amazon is extremely worrisome for shareholders (among the reasons I don’t own BBY) record low interest rates might just make a buyout of...
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In this article the author outlines the usual reasons why Sears (SHLD) has declined over the last several years. His comments on declining sales, lack of revenue growth, asset dispositions, and management changes are all accurate.  What people don’t realize is that one of the smartest decisions Edward Lampert made was not too invest any...
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With Best Buy struggling as a transformational shift from big box retail, to online distribution, more bad news occurred today with the announcement that the CEO is stepping down due to an internal probe.  Best Buy is a company that had a great model which is just becoming outdated due to the changing landscape so...
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At TTCM we see a vastly over-saturated retail market in the United States.  Retailers such as Best Buy, Target, and Gamestop have consistently added square footage to varied degrees of success.  Online retail and Amazon in particular has had a catastrophic impact on some of these retailers operations.  The three retailers named have been great...
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Today the Wall Street Journal posted an article outlining some of the technological steps that Sears is taking to improve their retail performance.  While I think these programs are good I am still not really optimistic as to their future as a retailer in their current form.  I think Sears has tremendously valuable brands and...
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