Benjamin Graham
One of the hardest aspects of investing is dealing with the psychological challenges financial markets present.  Mr. Market’s extreme pessimism or optimism can be contagious at exactly the wrong time, leading to big losses and permanent losses of capital, which are precisely what we are most focused on avoiding.  The current market is being dominated...
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Benjamin Graham (the founder of value investing) originally came up with the concept of margin of safety.  The idea is to buy a security at a large enough discount to its true worth, that you can greatly reduce your chances of losses, while also maintaining a maximum profit potential.  To determine intrinsic value, one uses...
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As the 4th year of a bull market heads towards its conclusion, unsurprisingly, the broad public is starting to get more attracted to equities.  This is the exact wrong time to become bullish, as the prices for stocks are drastically more expensive than they have been over the last several years.  Benjamin Graham creased a...
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This is an interesting article on the risk on/risk off mentality that has existed in the markets since 2008.  There is a big difference between and investing and trading and I think this mentality pertains to trading.  Benjamin Graham developed the concept of “Mr. Market” and the primary premise is that over the short term...
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