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Dear Investors, As expected, the economic reality in Puerto Rico continues to improve. Recovery funds have stimulated growth in a similar manner that we have seen from other natural disaster-stricken areas.  That doesn’t mean that Puerto Rico has become the new Hong Kong and is now a thriving economy, just like Rome was not built...
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Dear Investors, I came across an interesting article of a man that invested around $120K into bitcoin in November 2017.  In just one month, that investment turned into $500,000.  In the ensuing Crypto Crash, this man lost 96% of his initial investment, which would put his account at about $4,800.  There are a few things...
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Dear Investors, I came across a really great article this morning that I wanted to pass on to you, as it is highly relevant in today’s market environment. In a bull market, the person that looks smartest in the short-term is generally the one that is most aggressive.  Almost always, those people get burned in...
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Dear Investors, One of our favorite investments in today’s market is the common stock of ALLY Financial (ALLY).  This is a company that we have done quite well on over the years, but that has improved the fundamentals of its business at an even faster rate.  Our investments in ALLY have generally been centered on...
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Dear Investors, Earnings season is almost over and has been a very busy time as usual. There are a lot of positive developments occurring with most of our investments. Some of this has been obscured by global concerns over Turkey and emerging markets, but over time the fundamentals of the businesses themselves are what matters....
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Dear Investors, Today we are launching our new blog The point of the blog is to educate and inform investors on beneficial investment and financial strategies that we employ at T&T Capital Management. While we have done a newsletter for years, our content has been kind of hidden within the website, so we felt...
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