December 16, 2013
Herbalife finally received notification that its re-audit went fine and very few changes were made to the last several years financial statements.  Carl Icahn has made a fortune on the stock, buying after it had plummeted following the bear-raid from Bill Ackman.  At TTCM we had bullish positions on Herbalife but they were too small...
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Today is a big day for AIG as it finally was able to unload its aircraft leasing company ILFC to AerCap Holdings (AER).  AIG is getting about $3 billion in cash and now the company will get about a 46% stake in the combined company.  AER is up big today on the deal, which benefits...
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This was a very interesting article about the changes that have occurred within GM since bankruptcy.  It mainly discusses some of the people involved and how the culture has changed from being one of the worst run large company’s in the world.  It also discusses the climb of GM-lifer Mary Barra to CEO, which will...
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