December 4, 2013
It looks like Kyle Bass sees the same value in GM that we at T&T Capital Management (TTCM) have been pounding the table on for quite some time.  GM has traded at an extremely low multiple to earnings and on an EV/EBITDA basis.  The government ownership overhang has likely been a big contributor and I...
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Below is a fantastic interview of the former head of Capital Cities Tom Murphy from the year 2000.  Murphy was a tremendous businessman that grew Capital Cities from an extremely small base to eventually buy ABC, with the help of his good friend Warren Buffett.  Eventually, Murphy sold Capital Cities to Disney, which has obviously...
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Below is a great article about the changing dynamics in the mortgage industry where smaller companies are stealing market share from the big banks’.  The biggest reason for this are the new capital rules and regulations that effect the largest financial institutions.  They make it unattractive to originate loans and slowdown the process.  Retained or...
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