October 10, 2012
In a perfect example of the incompetent blasting the incompetent Moody’s is criticizing S&P, Fitch, DBRS Ltd. and Kroll for their ratings in a CMBS transaction.  Moody’s and S&P have absolutely horrendous ratings records stemming from the Financial Crisis, where for greed of fees they consistently rated securities AAA that ended up being pure junk....
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I don’t have a lot of compassion for people that gambled on the Facebook IPO on the belief that the stock just had to go up.  That is not a winning investment strategy or emblematic of an investment at all.  I will say though that I though Facebook’s management did everything they could to ensure...
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I’m not an extremely political person as I believe that both sides are far too ideological to be truly constructive, but as far as the economy and business goes, I 100% believe that the path we are going has been immensely destructive to economic growth.  Jack Welch was CEO of General Electric for 21 years,...
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