October 5, 2012
For anybody that doubts how dire our current employment situation is, this article should add some perspective.  When laws are made by people that have no experience hiring, or growing an actual business, one shouldn’t be surprised that bureaucratic and divisive policies fail to stimulate growth.  It doesn’t have to be this way. INVESTING IN THE...
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As we speculated yesterday, Sprint (S) might certainly jump into the game for MetroPCS (PCS).  Consolidation is a priority in this industry and Spring and T-Mobile are vying for the number 3 spot, with Sprint having a considerable lead.  If Sprint can use its stock as currency for this deal so that it isn’t taking...
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While 2012 has been quite a good year for investors long the market, it has really been the market climbing a “wall or worry,” as opposed to real enthusiasm of the economy or the business environment.  The worst thing one can do is now pile in because they feel they need to catch up, having...
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One of my very favorite investors Wilbur Ross was on Fox Business News discussing housing, politics, and business.  I think he is right on just about everything, and his comments about the high likelihood of a recession if we endure the fiscal cliff are right on.  Ross is a perfect example of a patient and...
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