July 24, 2012
Ray Dalio from Bridgewater Associates LP is one of the best at intertwining macro and micro investing.  He argues that the “European debt crisis has been poorly managed, bringing Europe closer to a debt implosion, or a currency collapse.  Although this is extremely negative he also mentions that “a meaningful deleveraging for an extended period...
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China’s state-owned oil companies have been perking up their aggressiveness in acquiring oil assets with recent deals to buy Canada’s Nexen (NXY) and 49% of the U.K. business of Talisman Energy.  By buying at a time of overall market distress and uncertainty these assets were purchased at a significant discount to what the prices would...
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The European crisis continues to dominated markets all over the world and Moody’s Investor Service dimmed its outlook on Germany further exasperating the situation.  Rising bond yields in Spain and Italy are a function of the European leaders not doing enough to promote confidence and resolve the crisis.  By the constant posturing and threatening, European...
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This article talks about the tremendous rally that has occurred in subprime-mortgage bonds from 2005-2007, which have rallied 21.6% thus far this year.  For some reason regulators seem to take a day trading mentality towards these securities because in 2009 when the bonds were trading for 33 cents, regulators were advocating the offloading of these...
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JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon showed some serious confidence in his own company by buying 500,000 shares last week for $34.22 each.  That is a real conviction purchase that shows that Dimon is confident his company can survive the “Whale Problem” and the European crisis.  JP Morgan has some of the best earnings power of...
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