June 28, 2012
This is an excellent account of the fall of Research in Motion (RIMM).  Even though the company has executed very poorly I believe the intrinsic value of the stock is quite a bit higher than the current price.  There is a wide range of potential outcomes so I wouldn’t make it a large concentrated positions,...
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Apparently Vivendi (VIVHY) CEO Jean-Bernard Levy is preparing to step down.  This is good news for shareholders as it could potentially increase the odds of the company spinning off or selling some of their assets.  This conglomerate trades at a substantial discount to their sum of the parts value, and Levy has been an advocate...
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Richard Bove of Rochdales Securities is correct in his assertion that people shouldn’t make too much of the trading loss at JP Morgan (JPM).  Yes it is a significant mistake and should never have happened but JP Morgan has $20-$25 Billion in earnings power.  Although I do like JP Morgan here I’m more attracted to...
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