April 2012
Groupon (GRPN) continues to be one of the truly confounding IPO’s that have come out over the last few years.  From the very beginning they have been extremely aggressive in their accounting methods which is simply not necessary if you have a great business.  Groupon rushed into an IPO and they did everything they could...
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Avon Products is a stock that we started buying and selling puts on in November of 2011 for some clients.  During that time period Avon’s share price had dropped significantly due to regulatory problems in Brazil, and poor management from Andrea Jung. Today the company announced that privately held Coty Inc., offered to buy the...
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AIG CEO Robert Benmosche continues to show his leadership stripes by looking to get more aggressive into the mortgage market.  In this FT article Benmosche suggests that the company is looking to buy the mortgages that their subsidiary United Guaranty Corp is insuring.  United Guaranty has modified risk based pricing and is reviewing each loan...
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While Blackberry (RIMM) has certainly been under the gun of late, the company still has a very loyal user base.  For people that use their phone primarily for business needs Blackberry offers the best combination of productivity and security.  The company is behind the curved by waiting so long to their new line of Blackberry...
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In what is sure to be an interesting drama, Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) is attempting to put measures in place that would prohibit media mogul John Malone from taking control of the company.  Malone’s loan and preferred stock acquisition in the depths of the financial crisis was one of the most lucrative during that period...
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Global Payments (GPN) is one of the largest merchant processors in the world, and due to a suspected data breach on Friday the stock dropped about 9%.  Over the weekend Visa has said that they are removing their seal of approval which could make the small businesses that make up Global Payments client base, leery...
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