March 13, 2012
While value investing is practiced by a small minority of market participants, even fewer understand, or have the patience to see it through.  Many people think it is as simple as buying a stock that is cheap, and then it goes up from there, typically within a few months to a year.  Sometimes investments do...
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Today I was able to read over the most recent shareholder’s letter from Prem Watsa, CEO of Fairfax Financial.  This is a company that is often under the radar for many U.S. investors, but Watsa is known as “The Warren Buffett of Canada.”  Watsa operates a similar business where he invests using insurance float and...
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This morning I finally had the opportunity to read the most recent Chairman’s letter from Samuel Palmisano, who had been the CEO of IBM before stepping down recently.  He has done a remarkable job of converting a business that was focused both on the Enterprise and the Consumer, to a business that is at the...
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