There have been a few interesting market developments the last few days.  10-year Treasury yields have increased to levels around where they were last year at this time, before the pandemic and lockdowns had really been felt.  The $1.9 Trillion stimulus package seems to be getting closer to getting done.  Inflation expectations are ticking up...
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This weekend, the WSJ had an interesting article discussing momentum-based technology stocks.  Many of these securities have come down by 20-75% over the last several months, as the same momentums that had lifted them higher in the absence of profitability, have now turned against them.  For market participants’ that speculated on these securities, betting that...
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Here is Tim Travis’ research report on Tesla Motors Inc. (TSLA) on Aug 28th 2013.   http://seekingalpha.com/article/1662952-teslas-american-dream-can-turn-into-a-speculators-nightmare
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The article below provides an interesting glimpse, comparing today’s Nasdaq to the bubble of the late 1990’s.  There is no doubt that conditions in the index aren’t anything near as frothy as during that period, particularly for the “old” technology stocks such as Cisco (CSCO), Microsoft (MSFT) and Intel (INTC).  Even newer stocks that are...
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The current investment climate does bring back some memories of the late 1990’s for a small group of glamour stocks.  Market participants seem willing to pay 100-250 times earnings for companies that are barely profitable and that lack substantive assets, which often can be a good indicator towards future earnings.  Tesla is probably my favorite...
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