Tangible Book Value
In our last article we covered the Bubble in “Safe” Stocks, where investors are paying outrageously high multiples for companies that are believed to be more recession resistant such as consumer staples.  In this article I figured I’d cover a stock Mr. Market and the doom and gloom propagandists view to be “risky” based on...
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As a firm, our biggest position has been Assured Guaranty (AGO) for quite some time. We have written about it extensively and covered the attractiveness of the opportunity in great detail. Today was a great day, as we really got confirmation of the incredible progress that this company is making.
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These last few weeks have been marred by extremely significant volatility as we prepare for the Brexit vote on June 23rd. While most of the impact of any Brexit wouldn’t likely be felt for several years at the minimum, the uncertainty that more countries would leave the Eurozone could mean more volatility for the market...
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The basic tenets to value investing and margin of safety are the following: Every stock is a fractional share of an actual business. Every business or stock has an “intrinsic value.” The “intrinsic value” of a business generally changes at a much slower rate than the price of a publicly traded stock can change. Over...
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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that I really have a tremendous amount of confidence in Robert Benmosche.  He strikes me as honest, hard working, and he has a strong track record which is what matters.  In this transcript he outlines exactly where the opportunity is for AIG.  He flat out says...
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