Stock selloffs
It’s been a bleak week and month frankly, with the S&P 500 down nearly 5% on the week as I write, and well over 11% on the month.  Current market sentiment is as bad as it has been since the Financial Crisis, which is really saying something given there have been quite a few significantly...
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Well, that was one awful week that we just had, for much of the world, and certainly in financial markets.  I know I feel like I aged a decade this week.  The stock market has been increasingly worried about this Coronavirus over the last few weeks, leading to increased volatility and large selloffs.  This, combined...
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Continued pressure on bond yields and bad economic data out of China and Europe scared the market today, causing a 3% selloff.  While it is a large point drop, it would only qualify as the 342nd largest percentage drop in history.  Stocks got off to a torrid start to the year and it shouldn’t be...
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On Monday August 5th, stocks plunged by about 3%, as escalating trade tensions continued to garner fear, after the worst week of the year last week.  The Chinese government is allowing their currency to decline, which benefits their competitive advantage on trade.  This was in response to last week’s news of additional tariffs on China. ...
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As I write this, the Dow has experienced its longest losing streak since 2011. Nearly 1/4th of the way into 2017, we are finally seeing some real volatility and more attractive investment opportunities are popping up each day.
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