Steve Ballmer
It seems that Microsoft insider Satya Nadella is the favorite to replace Steve Ballmer as the CEO.  Nadella’s broad set of experiences at Microsoft from Windows to the Cloud should position him to have a good understanding of the technological direction that the company needs to go in.  I also really respect that he has...
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In what I view as to not be a surprising development but a disappointing one for Microsoft shareholders, Ford (F) CEO Alan Mulally has announced that he won’t be taking the CEO position at Microsoft (MSFT).  Mulally could have come in with a fresh set of eyes and ideas to help Microsoft compete more effectively...
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To whom much is given, much is expected.  These words exemplify the reign of Steve Ballmer who took over one of the finest companies in the world at its peak.  Over the last decade, Microsoft has more than doubled its earnings, but this was largely due to its entrenched Windows and Office franchises.  Ballmer allowed...
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One of the hardest things to evaluate when investing in businesses is how management will allocate capital.  The best thing to do is look at management’s historical track record, but there is no perfect way to measure things.  Great capital allocation can make an average business a great investment if bought at the right price....
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While Microsoft seems to be making some solid progress, the regime of Steve Ballmer has been further tarnished by today’s announcement that the company is writing off $6.2 billion in their online services division.  This loss is the result of Ballmer’s $6.3 billion acquisition of AQuantive which was an internet-advertising software provider.  Ballmer was given...
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