Seth Klarman
As we sit in year-7 of a historic bull market, with earnings likely to decline for the 3rd consecutive quarter, the lack of a margin of safety in most stocks, bonds, and real estate is becoming painfully obvious. The Federal Reserve’s record-low interest rate policies have driven all asset classes higher, to levels where the...
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One of the best investment books that I’ve ever read was Seth Klarman’s Margin of Safety.  His investment prowess is exceptional as is his ability to articulate his ideas.  I do find his investments to be rather difficult to follow as many are quite obscure.  I believe that he does quite a bit with options,...
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One of my investing idols Seth Klarman of the Baupost Group was profiled in The Economist.  Klarman’s book “Margin of Safety” is mandatory reading for any serious value investor.  On a risk adjusted returns basis I believe it would be very hard to find a better investor than Seth Klarman over a multi-decade time frame....
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I thought you might enjoy this insight into the investment practices of Seth Klarman.  Klarman is a low key value investor with an amazing track record, and is one of three men that Warren Buffett mentioned he would recommend as a money manager to people.  His investments are unorthodox in many cases and his book...
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