At T&T Capital Management, (TTCM) our core competencies are research and money management. The first step in our investment process is identifying deeply undervalued securities...
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  Since the extremely weak May jobs report, interest rates have plummeted across the globe. There are now over $10 trillion in bonds that are trading at negative interest rates. This is unprecedented as the buyers of these bonds are guaranteeing themselves losses if they hold until maturity. This has pushed asset prices up as...
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Below is TTCM’s most recent research report on Assured Guaranty. We believe that Puerto Rico fears are greatly exaggerated for AGO. Follow the link to read more.  I hope you enjoy! http://seekingalpha.com/article/3964126-puerto-rico-fears-greatly-exaggerated-ago   Investing in AGO? You’ll want to read these exclusive PRO articles: Assured Guaranty – 50% Of Growing Adjusted Book Value by Tim...
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Below is the letter to MBIA shareholders’ written by CEO Jay Brown.  MBIA is another major bond insurer similar to AGO, although AGO is the much stronger company.  I wanted to share the letter because he makes some key points regarding exposure to Puerto Rico, which I believe to widely misunderstood by the overall market....
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On December 24th, Puerto Rico, creditors, and the bond insurers’ came to an agreement to restructure the debt of the island’s electric utility PREPA.  PREPA has about $8.2 billion in debt in total, a significant chunk of the island’s roughly $70 billion in debt.  Basically the creditors are taking a 15% hit on their bonds,...
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