The Nasdaq is now officially in a bear market as defined by a 20% decline from the highs, while the S&P 500 and Dow Jones indices are in corrections, with losses greater than 10%.  The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the economic sanctions brought against Russia in response are a major deal for the global...
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We had a feeling Monday would be bad and boy, did it deliver with the stock market dropping by nearly 8%, now down 19% in just 13 trading sessions.  The Oil and Gas Exploration and Production ETF was down 37% today alone!  This market selloff is now bigger than what we saw in late 2018,...
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The biggest U.S. banks have now reported 3rd quarter earnings and they have all exceeded expectations.  2016 started so horribly for the big banks.  Poor economic data globally diminished the prospects of rate hikes, oil’s plunge created worries about the need for increased reserve provisioning, and Brexit had investors worried of a systemic collapse.  I...
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There is no doubt that oil’s rapid decline and the U.S. dollar’s ascension have been the two most important macroeconomic themes over the last 6 months.  It is very fashionable right now for market pundits to pronounce that oil is heading to $30 or even $20 a barrel, due to excess supply and weak demand. ...
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Today was a bad day for oil as prices dropped 4.1%. This isn’t much of a surprise considering the slowing Chinese economy, that likely has seen a substantial over-build in fixed assets. If it weren’t for multiple currencies printing money at very high rates, I’d be much less bullish on oil, and I believe on...
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