One of the hot stocks over the last few years has been Netflix.  Clearly, the product has been extremely successful across the globe, as the company has experienced strong subscriber growth.  As of July of this year, the stock was already up 40% for the year.  Despite the success of the product and the stock,...
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I feel like the below article makes some really good points about the many risks that exist when buying Netflix (NFLX) at current prices.  While I like the product and find it a reasonable value, I don’t love the business model of constantly having to acquire and renegotiate content deals, while having questionable pricing power....
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I’m really looking forward to seeing Facebook’s (FB) earnings on Thursday.  Everyone will be watching the company’s revenue growth to see if it continues to decelerate.  Facebook is a tremendous business but to warrant its massive market cap the company must meet exceptionally high standards.  While they certainly may be capable of doing so, as...
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Netflix Inc (NFLX) came out with earnings after the close and expectations seem to have disappointed.  Netflix had a strong 1st mover advantage in DVDs, but their dominance in streaming video is far from guaranteed.  Content costs are astronomical and many well financed competitors are showing a willingness to pay up for quality programming.  While...
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