Natural Gas Prices
While my disgust for Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake Energy’s (CHK) board of directors ethics and self dealing prevents me from investing more than a very minimal amount into the company, I do believe the stock is undervalued.  I’m also very interested in the bonds if they go down a little further to yield 10% to...
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At T&T Capital Management we have invested in some high yielding bonds from Exco Resources (XCO).  Exco is struggling with extremely low natural gas prices but they have some very valuable assets such as their one-half stake in TGGT, which is a pipeline company.  By selling the pipeline and using the cash to pay down...
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Lower natural gas prices is a tremendous boon to chemical makers and steel companies.  Once the U.S. develops an adequate energy policy focusing on utilizing more natural gas versus oil the benefits will be even more pronounced.  Companies like Dow Chemical (DOW) have the opportunity to be huge beneficiaries in reducing their cost structure through...
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