Mutual Funds
One of the biggest problems with mutual funds is that investors chase past performance.  They get in at the worst times when the stock in the funds are most expensive, and they get out when stocks are cheap and short term performance has lagged.  Despite Bruce Berkowitz’s excellent long term and current year track records,...
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The article below does a good job of pointing out some of the supply/demand problems that Baby Boomers face in meeting their retirement goals.  It isn’t practical to invest in overly diversified mutual funds or ETF’s and expect the returns that most investors need to maintain their same living standards into retirement.  At T&T Capital...
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Today Larry Fink the CEO of Blackrock, recommended that most investors put 100% of their investments in stocks.  While the article mentions that this is against the advice of most money managers who recommend a 60/40 stock/bond allocation, I at least applaud that he isn’t afraid to show his conviction when the relative value of...
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