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I’ve been warning all year about a clear and obvious bubble in consumer staples stocks.  The same can be said for utilities and many areas on the fixed income market.  This bubble has been built on the pervasive market sentiment that as long as the dividend yield is reasonably greater than what can be obtained...
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Over the last month, we have begun to see financial stocks outperform the overall market.  If one was to ask why, most market participants would say that the perception that interest rate hikes are more likely to be forthcoming in 2016 is driving the stocks.  In a market where short-termism is the status quo, these...
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Follow the link below to read TTCM’s latest research report on JPMorgan: Maybe The Sky Isn’t Falling For The Big Banks. Please enjoy reading! JPMorgan: Maybe The Sky Isn’t Falling For The Big Banks  
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I spent my weekend catching up on some of the recently released annual reports of the big banks. The more I read, the less I could explain current share prices, which are down quite a bit on the year. Despite these companies growing in intrinsic value each year over the last 5 years, some of...
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I thought you might enjoy this insight into the investment practices of Seth Klarman.  Klarman is a low key value investor with an amazing track record, and is one of three men that Warren Buffett mentioned he would recommend as a money manager to people.  His investments are unorthodox in many cases and his book...
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