John Paulson
It looks like renowned hedge fund manager John Paulson is betting against European debt.  It would be interesting to know if he is using credit default swaps against countries or specific companies.  Paulson made most of his money through buying credit default swaps on subprime CDO’s so this type of situation is right up his...
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John Paulson has finally had his desired impact as the Hartford Financial Group (HIG) announced that they will be winding down their annuity business, to focus on P&C Insurance, employee benefits, and their mutual fund business.  The annuity business created too much stress on the Hartford as declines in the market caused extreme volatility that...
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With 2011 coming to a close I think it is very important to lay out our views going into 2012, and how that will affect our investment strategies.  2011 was a very difficult year that saw some of the most successful investors Warren Buffett, Bill Gross, Bruce Berkowitz, John Paulson, Martin Whitman, among many others...
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