John Malone
Below is a link to a fabulous interview with value investor Mario Gabelli on CNBC.  Gabelli touches on how he takes a long-term approach to stocks and is not overly worried about tapering because he is not buying an ETF or index fund, but instead is buying businesses at discounts to intrinsic value.  Gabelli is...
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John Malone is a true legend in the cable business and has one of the finest track records as both a CEO and as an investor that I am aware.  His vision and stewardship has made shareholders’ of his companies a fortune over the last few decades.  This is a very long but interesting interview...
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It looks like John Malone is moving forward with his plan to fully control Sirius XM Radio (SIRI).  This was without a doubt one of the finest investment of the financial crisis.  Malone owns some very valuable assets within his media empire and I’ll be curious how he leads Sirius, which is without a doubt...
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Barnes & Noble Inc. (BKS) and its Nook product became a lot more viable this morning, after Microsoft invested $300 MM into a subsidiary holding the Nook college books business.  The implied valuation of the entity is $2 billion.  I don’t think that the Nook would have lasted without a company with more clout and...
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In what is sure to be an interesting drama, Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) is attempting to put measures in place that would prohibit media mogul John Malone from taking control of the company.  Malone’s loan and preferred stock acquisition in the depths of the financial crisis was one of the most lucrative during that period...
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