The most important factor to producing strong investment returns are valuations, and lately with a slight increase in volatility, valuations on some key opportunities have become more attractive.
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    “Many that are fallen shall be redeemed, and many shall fall that are now in honor.” Horace 20 B.C. During the late 1990’s, tech stocks reached valuations that nobody could explain. While most people saw the dynamically changing marketplace and felt the extraordinary impact of the internet, traditional valuation metrics such as P/E...
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Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital provides some of the most thoughtful and in-depth research of any Hedge Fund managers that I am aware of, and in this piece he forecasts some pretty dire scenarios for Europe and Japan.  Central banks are out of control and they aren’t getting the assistance on the fiscal end to...
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This was a really interesting take on some of the social issues that are impacting the economy in Japan. http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-04-25/three-reasons-japan-s-economic-pain-is-getting-worse.html INVESTING IN THE FINANCIAL MARKETS INVOLVES RISKS. OPTIONS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL INVESTORS.
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At TTCM we have maintained that their are two ways to resolve the European crisis.  The first way is to abandon the Euro currency and allow struggling countries to depreciate their currencies as has been the model for a millenium, prior to the establishment of the Euro.  The second way is to adopt the same...
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While so much anxiety has been built up surrounding Europe, Japan’s troubles have kind of slid under the radar. There are some serious structural problems with the economy and demographics which are creating an unsustainable situation in terms of their indebtedness.  Fortunately they do have the ability to print their own currency which should help...
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