interest rate risk
Investors and market participants often get told that the way to get rich is buying quality companies or properties.  Firstly, it is important to define quality.  For many, quality is conflated with credit risk.  For example, U.S. government debt is often seen as having the least chance of a default than any other bonds, mostly...
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The last two weeks have been about as volatile and fear-driven as we’ve seen since March 2020.  While these crises always seem existential at the time, the reality is that we get these periods of high stress just about every year, and the reasons are always different.  Just last year, the Russian/Ukraine war and rampant...
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Many investors, especially retirees, understandably are focused on generating income from their investments.  Historically, bonds have been one of the best ways to achieve that, with less volatility than equities.  While history can be a fantastic guide to what can potentially happen in the future, looking at recent data on fixed income returns could not...
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2020 is shaping up to be a strange year.  This Coronavirus has a region in China, far larger in population than New York city, on a complete lock-down.  There are zombie cruise ships patrolling the waters in a state of full quarantine, with no countries wanting to take the risk of allowing them in to...
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Below are two interesting articles from today’s WSJ.  One discusses the fact that because stock prices in general are relatively expensive, but with bond yielding being so low, it is very possible that this type of range-bound market that we have seen this year could continue.  The second article discuss bond yields, which have just...
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