Hedge Fund
We saw a little bit of volatility the last few days, as an overleveraged hedge fund blew up spectacularly.  It was one of the largest blowups in history (over $50 billion) and despite owning some pretty good positions, being leveraged 5-1 almost always assures disaster at some point, unless you are exceptionally lucky, and this...
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Investing is when one buys an asset with the expectation of a profit over time, based on fundamental analysis that provides a strong rationale for this expectation. It is also known that publicly traded securities, by definition, fluctuate and can change prices violently based on short-term emotions of market participants. There is a reason why...
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Kyle Bass of Hayman Capital provides some of the most thoughtful and in-depth research of any Hedge Fund managers that I am aware of, and in this piece he forecasts some pretty dire scenarios for Europe and Japan.  Central banks are out of control and they aren’t getting the assistance on the fiscal end to...
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