Last night’s Senate runoff in Georgia looks like it will be a clean sweep for the Democrats giving them control of the Presidency, House and Senate (with the VP holding the tie breaking vote). The margins in the House and the Senate are very small, so it won’t be easy to pass a major tax...
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The last decade has been a strong one for U.S. equities and bonds.  One primary driver of that performance were low starting valuations, stemming from the Great Recession, which had just ended in 2009.  This was the opposite of the scenario that led to the lost decade preceding it.  I believe many market participants are...
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On Monday, we saw additional positive news on the Covid-19 vaccine front, with Moderna’s initial data looking very promising.  This is another revolutionary MRNA vaccine, similar to Pfizer’s, which released impressive data last week. More traditionally developed vaccines are coming down the pipeline as well, and treatments such as the Eli Lilly and Regeneron antibody...
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