General Growth Properties
The story surrounding the GSEs’ continues to get more interesting, as Bloomberg is reporting that Bill Ackman has acquired large stakes in the common stock of Fannie and Freddie.  This comes on the heels of Bruce Berkowitz’s proposal to buy parts of Fannie and Freddie through converting preferred stock to common, while executing a rights...
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No investor other than perhaps Stevie Cohen has garnered the criticism that Bill Ackman has in 2013.  His controversial investments in J.C. Penney (JCP) and Herbalife (HLF) have generated a lot of headlines, as has his sparring with Carl Icahn and Daniel Loeb, but Ackman has been a very successful investor over the years, which...
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This was an absolutely fascinating interview with Bill Ackman and Sam Zell discussing GGP. Ackman’s investment in GGP has been nothing short of extraordinary and Sam Zell is one of the best in real estate. Their dialogue concerning whether Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) has control of GGP or not is really compelling. Ackman is pretty...
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Bill Ackman appears to be shedding some light on what is really going on with General Growth Properties (GGP).  Respected real estate investors Brookfield Asset Management (BAM) seems to be attempting to buy GGP outright pending financing, but has been unable to do so while Simon Property Group (SPG) has shown interest in the past...
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One of my favorite investor’s is Bill Ackman of Pershing Square.  He develops a detailed investment thesis, builds a large position, and is willing to be very public about recommending changes create more shareholder value.  His effort on General Growth Properties was one of the best investments that I had ever seen.  This video provides...
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Today SHLD reported disappointing earnings as was expected given their announcement right after Christmas, which caused the stock to drop substantially.    As you are aware we have never been advocates of Sears as a best in class retailer because it simply is not.  Our investment thesis has been that the value of the assets minus...
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