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Last Thursday’s Brexit vote led to a historically nightmarish day in the financial markets: Indexes across the globe were down between 3-10%. The British pound dropped from a high of $1.50 to $1.32, before finally recovering to $1.37, down an enormous 9% for the currency. European banks stocks were down between 15 and 20%. S....
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At T&T Capital Management we are firm believers that all credit default swaps should be on regulated exchanges.  The value of these products is far less than the overall risk that they present to the global economy and financial markets in general.  Even worse the lack of transparency is pervasive and while they are an...
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As if the financial markets needed another reason to have no faith in the ratings of the credit rating agencies, here is a bloomberg article providing just that: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-04-25/california-above-deere-makes-ninth-largest-economy-a-deal.html INVESTING IN THE FINANCIAL MARKETS INVOLVES RISKS. OPTIONS ARE NOT SUITABLE FOR ALL INVESTORS.
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This article was pretty interesting not that I think you should really make any investment decisions based on it.  We are taking advantage of the reduction in volatility by buying back some of our sold options which we have already made most of the profits on.  The hope would be that any increase in volatility...
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