Eddie Lampert
I always enjoy learning more about the reclusive investing great Edward Lampert and this article was no exception.  While it is clear that Lampert has made some mistakes in his management of SHLD, I believe that the media severely underrates some of the good moves that he made.  Sears did not have a much stronger...
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This article outlines some of the possibilities for Sears.  I don’t disagree with their scenarios but they don’t add much in terms of the value of the various assets.  I think many people are drastically understating the actual value of the real estate and long term leases.  Also if housing does come back and appliance...
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This morning was very exciting as one of the truly great value investors Edward Lampert appeared on CNBC to discuss the legacy of one of his mentor’s Richard Rainwater.  While it would have been wonderful to hear Lampert discuss Sears in more detail, the interview was very interesting and enjoyable, as all of the participants...
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I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.  Today Sears Holdings announced that they are closing 100-120 stores and that they will be selling the inventory and real estate to raise cash.  While the market has reacted unfavorably to this announcement, we see it as a huge positive from an investor’s point of view.  When...
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