Hello Everybody, Yesterday I was reading an interesting in interview with Bill Ngyren who is a famous value investor that runs Oakmark.  Ngyren’s funds are also invested in AIG as well as a few other financials similarly to how we’ve been invested for years now.  His rationale is not much different than mine, but I...
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Hello Everybody, 2015 has started with tremendous volatility.  The major issues are the continued rise in the U.S. dollar, declining commodity prices and turmoil in Greece.  We are now in year 6 of a bull market so it is to be expected that it would get more difficult to make money and volatility is to...
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This is a big positive as European banks need to raise capital when attractive opportunities exist.  Deutsche Bank AG (DB) has tremendous earnings power but is one of the most heavily levered institutions so raising capital is the right thing to do.  Europe did the right thing with the LTRO in ensuring ample liquidity in...
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