David Einhorn
Below is an interesting article discussing value investor David Einhorn who is betting against some of the high-flying technology stocks that are trading at valuations reminiscent of the late 1990’s.  I definitely agree with his investment thesis and I’m sure that some of the stocks he is shorting are stocks like Twitter, Tesla, LinkedIn etc....
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Today David Einhorn spoke at the Value Investing Congress. In his presentation he made a bullish case for General Motors (GM). This is a company that we at T&T Capital Management (TTCM) have been very bullish about, and we feel that it is misunderstood coming out of bankruptcy. GM has much lower production costs now...
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Greenlight Capital’s David Einhorn released his shareholder letter which is one of the best ones out there.  He talks about his investments in the managed health care sector, and some of his dispositions.  Einhorn runs an excellent investment operation with both a short and long term portfolio which really helps smooth out tough market conditions,...
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David Einhorn points out some of the serious negatives to the Federal Reserve’s low interest rate policy, particularly highlighting the negative impact that it has on savers.  While I agree with Einhorn’s sentiments, I truly believe that the reason the Fed has had to be so loose with monetary policy is because it has had...
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