Last Thursday’s Brexit vote led to a historically nightmarish day in the financial markets: Indexes across the globe were down between 3-10%. The British pound dropped from a high of $1.50 to $1.32, before finally recovering to $1.37, down an enormous 9% for the currency. European banks stocks were down between 15 and 20%. S....
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The recent crash in the energy markets reminded me of an article we wrote in 2012, which outlined famous value investor Prem Watsa’s investment in International Coal.  This article is highly relevant to what is going now and how money can be made over the long-term, through investing in cyclical industries during downturns.  Value investing...
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This article outlines the dual benefit that cheap natural gas prices are having on the Steel Industry, particularly the domestic companies such as US Steel (X).  Some of these companies are switching from coal to natural gas to burn their furnaces which is saving a substantial amount of money.  Also demand for steel is increasing...
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