Prem Watsa is one of the most respected investors in the world and I always enjoy his shareholder letters.  Fairfax Financial has dramatically improved the quality of its insurance operating businesses but the financial results have been obscured by huge losses on equity and CPI hedges.  Watsa is a firm believer that the global economy...
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The saga regarding BlackBerry (BBRY) is still in its early stages after the hiring of John Chen as CEO.  Today marks an important step as the company wrote down a great deal of inventory and intangible assets and the company is beginning to look forward.  Finally, the decision was made to outsource hardware manufacturing, which...
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Below is a link to our most recent article BlackBerry Workout Strategy 101.  In this article we discuss our belief that value investor Prem Watsa of Fairfax Financial understands that the breakup value of BlackBerry is likely greater than the Enterprise Value being paid for the company, and we believe that the company should be...
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There is no doubt that RIMM has really dug a hole for itself with the huge lag between new products.  Blackberry 10 must hit it big or the company will likely be sold.  I still believe the company makes a lot of sense for a buyer such as a Microsoft who could expand their mobile...
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While Blackberry (RIMM) has certainly been under the gun of late, the company still has a very loyal user base.  For people that use their phone primarily for business needs Blackberry offers the best combination of productivity and security.  The company is behind the curved by waiting so long to their new line of Blackberry...
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