bank failure
The last two weeks have been about as volatile and fear-driven as we’ve seen since March 2020.  While these crises always seem existential at the time, the reality is that we get these periods of high stress just about every year, and the reasons are always different.  Just last year, the Russian/Ukraine war and rampant...
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Markets remain quite chaotic after the events of the past week lingering in the air.  As more information has come out, the more obvious the problem becomes.  You had 3 idiosyncratic banks that had grown deposits like crazy based on the backs of crypto and venture capital money flowing in.  These New Age banks, invested...
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A decade-long policy of virtually zero interest rates impacted assets globally and built the everything bubble.  It would be naive of us to think that the unraveling of this would not cause things to break.  Last week, we saw it occur with the implosion of two large crypto and venture capital-focused banks.  These institutions (Silvergate...
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