Alexander Hamilton
    “Many that are fallen shall be redeemed, and many shall fall that are now in honor.” Horace 20 B.C. During the late 1990’s, tech stocks reached valuations that nobody could explain. While most people saw the dynamically changing marketplace and felt the extraordinary impact of the internet, traditional valuation metrics such as P/E...
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Europe needs to come together to understand that austerity without growth is not enough.  While peripheral Europe cannot afford to increase their government spending, Germany as the leading nation must come forward to aid growth.  This means providing more flexibility for the ECB to issue bonds assisting in the financing of EU nations, which would...
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At TTCM we have maintained that their are two ways to resolve the European crisis.  The first way is to abandon the Euro currency and allow struggling countries to depreciate their currencies as has been the model for a millenium, prior to the establishment of the Euro.  The second way is to adopt the same...
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