June 2012
Alexis Tspiras, head of Greece’s biggest anti-bailout party Syriza, continues to beat the drum of cancelling the agreed upon terms of their bailout.  This is an amazingly dangerous and manipulative campaign that distorts facts, and preys on those who are consumed by the deep recession and the accompanying unemployment.  If Greece were to abandon their...
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Former Premier Silvio Berlusconi is jumping on the bandwagon for more help from the ECB.  Peripheral Europe can’t survive with the Europe unless the ECB becomes more accommodative to the economic pressures that they are facing.  Unless this happens the future of the Euro would be quite short.  Germany really needs to wake up and...
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These notes are great and I thought both Prem Watsa and Francis Chou’s comments on RIMM were extremely interesting.  Also if the U.S. banks weren’t so cheap Bank or Ireland would be among the first European banks that I’d be taking a look at. INVESTING IN THE FINANCIAL MARKETS INVOLVES RISKS. OPTIONS ARE NOT...
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