March 27, 2012
This article outlines the dual benefit that cheap natural gas prices are having on the Steel Industry, particularly the domestic companies such as US Steel (X).  Some of these companies are switching from coal to natural gas to burn their furnaces which is saving a substantial amount of money.  Also demand for steel is increasing...
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Today Lennar reported revenue numbers that were quite strong.  This report seems to be quite different than what KB Homes reported last week, which is exactly what KB’s management discussed last week by saying that most of their problems were internal, or were the result of their mortgage affiliates struggles to get deals done.  Lennar...
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Today on CNBC Robert Schiller discussed housing along with some other topics.  I disagree and believe that housing has bottomed.  The data is lagging and every region is different but I think prices as a whole are likely to turn higher over the course of this year and next, even though the initial data might...
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