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Fear vs Facts

The vicious Covid-19 Pandemic is one of the most interesting and tragic times in history.  Right now, we are at an inflection point.  New cases, hospitalizations and deaths, are declining in Spain and Italy.  Deaths are likely peaking this week and early next week in our hardest hit areas of New York and New Jersey. ...
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Turning the Corner?

While we are likely in the peak period for deaths in hard-hit New York and New Jersey from Covid-19, there are signs of hope emerging.  The NYC confirmed case daily growth rate has declined.  Governor Andrew Cuomo said that “the number of deaths has been dropping for the first time.” While too early to get...
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Bear Market, Sheer Panic, Time to Make Money

Well, that was one awful week that we just had, for much of the world, and certainly in financial markets.  I know I feel like I aged a decade this week.  The stock market has been increasingly worried about this Coronavirus over the last few weeks, leading to increased volatility and large selloffs.  This, combined...
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Conceptualizing Valuations

Benjamin Graham (the founder of value investing) originally came up with the concept of margin of safety.  The idea is to buy a security at a large enough discount to its true worth, that you can greatly reduce your chances of losses, while also maintaining a maximum profit potential.  To determine intrinsic value, one uses...
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Historically Bad Day and Couple of Weeks

We had a feeling Monday would be bad and boy, did it deliver with the stock market dropping by nearly 8%, now down 19% in just 13 trading sessions.  The Oil and Gas Exploration and Production ETF was down 37% today alone!  This market selloff is now bigger than what we saw in late 2018,...
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How the Options Strategies Work

With market volatility spiking, I thought it would be a great time to describe in detail how our options strategies work. On the first example on the top of this email, we will outline how selling cash-secured puts work. If a stock we believe is worth $40 is trading at $32, we might think the...
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Putting a Selloff in Perspective- Stock Buybacks Value-Enhancement

After Monday’s bloodbath, we have now had the 26th correction greater than 5% since the March 2009 low.  This table above shows them, and it is important to note that they all felt like very serious deals when they were occurring, but many of them seem very forgettable at this point. Monday’s 3% selloff marked...
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Coronavirus Fears Impact on Stocks

Over the weekend, reports have come about that the Coronavirus has been spreading quite a bit outside of China.  New clusters have formed in Italy, South Korea, Iran, Israel, etc.  One concern is that they are having a tough time figuring out how they got the virus, as many hadn’t been to China recently.  The...
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Bond Bubble Sample and ALLY

Many investors, especially retirees, understandably are focused on generating income from their investments.  Historically, bonds have been one of the best ways to achieve that, with less volatility than equities.  While history can be a fantastic guide to what can potentially happen in the future, looking at recent data on fixed income returns could not...
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