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Sequence Risk and how TTCM Handles It

We’ve written about sequence risk on many occasions in the past.  While most investment projections are based on average returns, the reality is that returns don’t happen that way.  There is a sequence to them, and for those recently retired, or close to retirement, sequence risk is an extremely important consideration. Losses taken early in...
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Earnings Yields and Interest Rates

In a recent interview on CNBC, Warren Buffett mentioned that if interest rates were to stay below 3% on the 10-year, stocks are incredibly cheap.  I talked about the same thing in the recent podcast with Tobias Carlisle.  The reason that this is so, is because interest rates have an almost gravitational impact on stocks....
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Don’t be a Turkey with Your Investments

There is the saying “time heals all wounds,” which has likely been around for centuries, and for good reason.  Whether it is an injury, or a broken heart, time truly is a great healer.  When it comes to investing though, time can create a mental fog of sorts, as recency bias can outweigh the realities...
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True Value: Podcast Interview with Tobias Carlisle and Tim Travis

Respected author and value investor Tobias Carlisle, interviewed T&T Capital Management CEO/CIO on his Acquirers Multiple podcast.  The two discussed various investments such as Assured Guaranty, Puerto Rico bonds, and Kennedy-Wilson.  They also delved into topics such as passive investing and market valuations.  We hope that you enjoy!
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The Retirement Crisis White Paper

The Retirement Crisis White Paper   Dear Investor,   When you are in the midst of a bull market, it can be very easy to lose your sense of risk.  Even though this bull market endured rather quick bear markets in 2011, 2015-2016, and in 2018, the general trend has been upwards.  Investors that have...
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6 Tips to Increase Your Odds of a Successful Retirement

6 Tips to Increase Your Odds of a Successful Retirement Finances are one of the most common sources of stress that we face in life.  Unfortunately, many people find themselves woefully unprepared.  According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, nearly one half of those approaching retirement age (55 and up) had nothing saved in a...
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Very Telling Buffett Comment on Banks

Dear Investors, On February 25th, Warren Buffett was interviewed at length by CNBC.  I only saw highlights of it, but there was some very interesting conversation regarding banks. “On CNBC, Buffett said that JPMorgan Chase, Berkshire’s newest big holding, is attractively priced. He noted that investors should be willing to pay at least three times...
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Income Enhancement Strategies (IES)

Dear Investors, It is very easy for market participants to project recent history far into the future.  How many people remember that between 1995 to March 2009, the S&P 500 returns actually lagged those of lowly Treasury bills?  That might not seem like a big deal today looking in the rear-view mirror, but for people...
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PR COFINA Plan of Adjustment Approval

Dear Investors, On Monday, a positive step was made towards resolving the Puerto Rico debt restructuring, as the judge approved the Plan of Adjustment for Puerto Rico’s COFINA sales tax bonds. COFINA senior and junior bondholders will recover 93 cents and 56.4 cents on the dollar, respectively. Puerto Rico benefits by saving $17 billion in...
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