I’ve received many questions on really what the Brexit means. It is a rather confusing subject in many ways so I found a very good article that does a better job explaining it than I could personally.

I wouldn’t pay too much consideration into the last few days trading since the results of the election came out. There is tremendous indiscriminate selling on a severe level. While these moves are on par with major crises of the past, the bizarre thing is that there really isn’t the financial rationale to justify it. We’ll have a much clearer picture as the months go by. There is a lot economic and earnings data that will be coming out over the next month, which should also provide much-needed clarity.

I’ll be keeping the updates coming as I know that these are turbulent times and anxiety is to be expected, but unfortunately this is just the nasty side of markets. Don’t let “Mr. Market’s” dire pessimism change your thought process, as just as surely as Mr. Market will panic, he will also once again become euphoric.

The key is focusing on the fundamentals and it is not like all of the sudden these companies are losing money or are having real issues just because of this election. 

Future events to look forward to are:

  • the CCAR results due at the close of trading Wednesday
  • the June jobs report
  • earnings results beginning in mid-July

I believe all of these have a good possibility of helping the market get a little better footing but of course we will see turbulence along the way. We’ll do our best to take advantage of these opportunities as they come up. I hope you find the article helpful:


How To Make Sense Of The Brexit Turmoil