Managed Account

Our primary focus when working with clients is to provide them with asset allocation, stock and bond selection, and options strategies to generate income and reduce risk.  This process begins with the investor providing information in regards to their goals, investment objectives, and risk tolerance for the advisor to take into consideration.  Next we formulate an asset allocation tailored to the investor’s preferences.

Once we have the proper asset allocation we start adding individual positions that have been carefully researched and analyzed.  Every position we own has a defined strategy and valuation attached to it.  This allows us to always be accountable for our performance as opposed to being a closet index fund; like we believe most mutual funds tend to be.

On a daily basis T&T is actively managing your positions to adjust accordingly and to find new opportunities as they pop up.  We utilize our sophisticated investment and trading strategies to constantly add value in order to help grow your portfolio.  The bottom line is that your money should be working far harder than you are and no service exemplifies this as much as the T&T managed account program.