When you look at the great long-term investment track records, the vast majority are held by value investors such as Warren Buffett, Bruce Berkowitz, Seth Klarman etc.  There were two very prominent exceptions, George Soros and Stevie Cohen.  George Soros is a macroeconomic genius, who has taken aggressive positions across a variety of different asset classes.  I’m not aware of any investor that has been able to successfully replicate Soros’s investment style.  Stevie Cohen has always been surrounded by rumors.  His stock selections always seemed to be timing oriented, which goes against fundamental investment principles.  Unlike Soros, Cohen always kept a very low profile and didn’t speak in much detail about his investment philosophy.  Both men have larger staffs than what most value investors have in terms of analyst coverage.  Below is an article discussing the fall of Cohen and I will be very interested to see what additional details come out over the next few years, as this case seems ripe for additional Whistleblowers.