Begin the Process of Maximizing Your 401 (K) Program

The TTCM 401(K) and 403(B) Maximization Program is your answer to getting more out of your company sponsored retirement plans: 401(K), 403(B), 457, and more.

TTCM’s Professional Money Managers Research, Analyze, and Recommend the Ideal Program for You

Upon becoming a TTCM 401(K) and 403 (B) Maximization Program client you will receive an extensive, yet easy to use report inclusive on our recommendations for you to maximize your retirement plan. By having a full understanding of your investment objectives and risk tolerance, we analyze market valuations and program options, to give you the best opportunity to reach your goals by putting in place an asset allocation model tailor made for you.

Every quarter we send you an updated report inclusive of any changes required to stay on track. Benefit from having a Registered Investment Advisor working for you, to get the most out of every hard earned dollar in your retirement plan.

You Work Too Hard To Not Get the Most Out of Your Retirement Plan

For years we have worked with clients whom have expressed frustrations due to the limitations of their retirement programs. Retirement plan participants are forced to analyze funds they know very little about, and they must make asset allocation decisions on one of their primary retirement assets, without having the time or knowledge to make a comprehensive financial plan to meet their retirement goals. TTCM can provide you with the research, analysis, and recommendations to relieve you of this stress so that you can rest assured that your retirement plan is being maximized to the fullest extent possible.

Albert Einstein said that “The most powerful force on earth is compound interest.” The table below shows the impact of compounding on $10,000 over a lengthy period of time. I can’t tell you how many times we see clients that prior to working with us have had their money sitting in cash or ineffective mutual funds. Don’t make this mistake and instead maximize your retirement plan with TTCM!

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Compound Interest Table