White Paper | Learn To Treat Your Portfolio As A Business

Learn To Treat Your Portfolio As A Business

Unfortunately for most market participants, many financial services companies are merciless in their deceptive sales practices, investment ineptitude, and complete ignorance in the face of severely impacting unsuspecting investors’ financial futures in an extremely negative way. I am not referring strictly to market related losses, as market risk is something that is prevalent in just about any investment. Instead, I am referring to the litany of programs that charge substantial upfront loads, or that have highcost commission structures, which they justify with some get rich quick strategy or program. We have seen people with literally $15,000 to invest who paid $10,000 to learn technical analysis and day trading techniques. People will spend hours and hours examining charts, and getting educated on complicated options strategies that literally have nothing to do with investing. Unfortunately we have encountered many people who have been “flat out conned” out of their money with the promise of riches beyond the realm of reality.

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