I believe that an AT&T (T) merger or investment in Telefonica (TEF) would be extremely intelligent at this stage in the game.  Right now the U.S. mobile market is performing wonderfully and Europe is incredibly depressed.  There is no reason to believe that conditions won’t improve in Europe and this would be an excellent opportunity...
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The big news today was the Deutsche Telekom (DT) is considering buying MetroPCS (PCS) to merge it its T-Mobile division. While I do believe that T-Mobile needs to do something as does MetroPCS, I’m not positive this is the best fit. Because the companies use different technologies, the conversion to one network can be more...
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This article discusses the merits of both Verizon (VZ) and AT&T (T) in this current low interest rate environment.  While both stocks offer attractive dividend yields, the multiples are quite high on both securities.  If you look across the pond to Europe an investor can find much more attractive payouts and earnings yields.  Obviously there...
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