This article was pretty interesting in that most of these companies are rarely talked about by the financial media, but have been unbelievable investments.  It really goes to show that if you buy something at the right price and are willing to hold it substantial returns can be made.  Obviously for some of the tech...
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The idea that the Federal Reserve can accurately forecast the financial results and capital ratios for these massive banks assuming an 8% decline in GDP, a 50% decrease in stocks, a 20% decrease in housing prices, and an unemployment rate of 13% is truly laughable.  There are just far too many inputs and projections to...
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As many of you might be aware, the investment themes that worked best this year were high dividend paying stocks and treasuries.  Many market prognosticators expect the same trends to continue.  It is very important to look at what the dividend payout ratio is which can be calculated by dividing the dividend payout by net...
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