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Below is my most recent research report on SandRidge Energy (SD).  This is a company that has been cutting costs and improving its capital allocation, which were both serious problem areas under the leadership of former CEO Tom Ward.  Moving forward and assuming that oil and natural gas prices stay high, I believe the stock...
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Below is our most recent research report on 3D Systems Corporation (DDD).  This seems to be an obviously overvalued company that will likely be extremely disappointing for market participants speculating on it.  I hope that you enjoy!     http://seekingalpha.com/article/1879061-3d-vision-is-not-necessary-to-see-3d-systems-is-overvalued?v=1386232017&source=tracking_notify
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The resurgence of the American oil and gas industry has been nothing short of breathtaking.  The Peak Oil Theory had filled Americans with anxiety that the country would remain forever tied to importing oil from governments that are often hostile towards U.S. interests.  The development of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling has dramatically reduced natural...
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