David Tepper
Today I read an excellent article in the WSJ regarding the fact that stocks have tripled since their March 2009 lows, but savers are still being squeezed from low interest rates...
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Warren Buffett’s business partner Charlie Munger is extremely fond of quoting the 1800s German mathematician Carl Gustav Jacob Jacobi who once said “man muss immer umkehren” which translates to “Invert, always invert.”  The idea is that by looking at problems backwards in addition to forwards, one can identify ways to avoid the problem entirely.  Munger...
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This is a great interview with David Tepper.  Tepper is one of the very finest investors in the business and shares a lot of valuable insight.  He is still very bullish on the market and airlines in particular.  He likes Citigroup a lot, which we do as well at TTCM.  His returns over his career...
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